It opened a museum that should never exist. He is Portuguese and can be visited via his smartphone – ZAP


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Recently opened – although online – the museum that should not exist. It’s called the Marine Extinction Museum, it can be accessed through the cell phone and it was created to raise awareness of endangered species.

O Museum of Marine Extinction (MEM) can only be visited virtually, but it promises to stay in the memory of those who do.

According to Público, the museum that should not exist was born out of the need to protect the marine environment and make people aware of its importance.

As soon as they “enter” the museum, they are presented six buildings that correspond to the national marine protected areas: North Coast, Berlengas, Arrábida Natural Park, Southwest Alentejo and Vicentina Coast Marine Park, Garajau Partial Nature Reserve (Madeira) and the Faial-Pico Channel Protected Area for Resource Management/ Faial Sector (Azores).

In each of the buildings, the marine species in endangered in that area and what the visitor can do to avoid this problem.

In total there are 18 species in this museum – three for each marine protected area -: the Berlengas sunfish; the Azores blue shark and the Arrábida seahorse are some examples.

Gonçalo Silva, a biologist and researcher at the University Institute of Psychological, Social and Life Sciences (ISPA) and the Center for Marine and Environmental Sciences (MARE), told the daily that the project is dubbed “the museum that shouldn’t exist ” because “we don’t want to see it; we do want the species to live in their natural environment”.

The idea of ​​creating a digital museum comes within the scope of the BiodivAMP project, financed by the Fundo Azul program, and the design the platform was in charge of the architect Ricardo Bak Gordon.

It is of utmost urgency resolve and prevent the degradation of the oceans and the decline in biodiversity caused by Man, if we want to reverse self-destruction”, said Gonçalo Silva, quoted by Prime Time Zone Informática.

“People must know, value and protect the natural wealth of our marine areas, which are essential for regulated ocean management, or we risk losing all this natural capital. That’s why we believe that, by informing the Portuguese about this topic, we can all play a more active role. in the conservation of these places”, he added.

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