Japan tsunami victim’s body found 10 years later – Prime Time Zone


The remains of a woman were found on a beach in the northeast of the country that had been devastated by the giant wave

EFE / EPA / FRANCK ROBICHONStore employee in Fukushima shows how tall the water reached after the 2011 tsunami

The remains of a victim of a tsunami no Japan was found and identified on Friday, 5, days before the disaster’s 10th anniversary. The local police spokesman reported that forensic dental and DNA analyzes confirmed that it was the body of Natsuko Okuyama, a 61-year-old woman who disappeared when the wave swept the coast of Higashimatsushima on March 11, 2011. In total, 15,899 deaths related to the tragedy have been confirmed, but 2,500 people are still considered missing in official records. Thus, there are thousands of relatives of victims who feel unable to fully process the loss because the bodies of their loved ones were never found, even ten years after the tsunami.