João Pessoa will provide data on vaccines against Covid-19 to avoid ‘queue-breakers’ – Prime Time Zone


The expectation is that access to information will increase reports of fraud; decision also prohibits doses to be applied to professionals who do not work on the front lines

JOSEMAR GONÇALVES / AGIF – PHOTOGRAPHY AGENCY / ESTADÃO CONTENTMore vaccines against Covid-19 arrived at Castro Pinto Airport on Sunday, 7

The City of João Pessoa will have to make available on the internet the data of all people who are vaccinated against Covid-19 in the municipality. The data will include the name, the partly covered CPF, the date and the location of the immunization. If the citizen is a health professional, the position, function and work sector must also be included. Information about the batch number of the vaccine applied, as well as the agent responsible for applying the immunizer should also be informed. The decision was issued by the Federal Court of Paraíba during an action moved by Federal Public Ministry, State e Labor to make the immunization campaign more transparent. In the decision, the substitute federal judge Rodrigo Cordeiro de Souza Rodrigues points out that there are omissions in the Transparency portal regarding the sector / category / function of the beneficiary of the vaccination, which would make the verification of possible fraud “too complicated”. “The complaints that are already growing on the subject would probably be bigger and more easily detectable if access to information were effective”, he stressed.

The same decision determines the presentation and a vaccination schedule for the elderly in the capital of Paraíba with start and end dates and with all the planning and criteria defined for its implementation. The magistrate also ordered the municipality to refrain from vaccinating other employees of the Municipal Health Secretariat who would not act on the front lines of combating new coronavirus, such as receptionists, coordinators, regulation sectors, information systems, planning, general service assistants and drivers. Preschool and elementary school teachers will also not be able to receive the doses before the immunization of the priority group, which today is made up of elderly people and frontline workers in the pandemic, is completed. The judge set a personal fine of R $ 20,000 to the state secretary of health for each breach that is reported. If the practice is repeated more than ten times, the magistrate determined that R $ 300 thousand of state public funds should be blocked for each elderly person who is diagnosed with Covid-19 and dies.

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