Joe Biden and former US presidents participate in tributes to victims of 9/11 – Young Pan


Terrorist attack that killed 2,977 people turns 20 this Saturday; Barack Obama and Bill Clinton follow event in New York, while George Bush is expected in Pennsylvania

EFE / EPA / Chip Somodevilla / POOLFormer presidents participate in a ceremony this Saturday, 11, at Ground Zero, where the Twin Towers were located

The image of the September 11th it’s in everyone’s memory: the heart of the world’s financial center in flames, the plane hitting the second tower and the building collapsing. Twenty years after the episode, US citizens unite to honor the 2,977 victims of the attack, considered one of the biggest terrorist attacks of history. Due to the date, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, and First Lady Jill Biden participate in a ceremony this Saturday, 11, at Ground Zero, where the Twin Towers were located and which now gives way to a unique building, which bears the names of the victims. In addition to the Democrat, the former presidents Barack Obama e Bill Clinton also participate in the event. Biden is also expected to visit the Pentagon and a camp near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where the former president will also attend. George W. Bush, leader of the nation in September 2001. Donald Trump is also expected in New York.

Speaking on Friday, the current president of USA, he asked the Americans to unite. In a video of just over six minutes, recorded at the White House, Biden commemorated those killed in the attacks and thousands more injured, as well as firefighters, nurses and all those involved in the rescues that day. He pointed out that the central lesson of the attacks was that, at the most vulnerable time in the country’s history, the unity of the American people had proved to be strong. Democrat Biden acknowledged, however, that it is still very difficult for “children who grew up without parents, parents who have suffered without their children, husbands and wives have had to find ways in their lives without their partners.” In New York, the week was one of tributes. In the memorial built at the site where the Twin Towers were, flowers were placed next to the names of the victims.

*With information from reporter Carolina Abelin