Joe Biden stumbles three times and falls while boarding the presidential plane; watch video – Prime Time Zone


The White House has ensured that the 78-year-old president of the United States has not been hurt and is on his way to Georgia; Donald Trump’s son made ironic comment on Twitter

Reproduction Twitter Donald Trump JrDespite being on the railing, Joe Biden ended up falling to his knees after the third slide

Joe Biden stumbled three times as he climbed the stairs of the presidential plane this Friday, the 19th. Despite holding on to the railing, the president of the U.S ended up falling on the third slide, but soon got up, running a hand on one knee. The 78-year-old ruler made his way to the top, where he continued the protocol, saluting the military, and finally embarked for Georgia. The trip aims to meet with the local Asian community after the shooting at three state massage parlors last Tuesday, 16. The communications director for the White House, Kate Bedingfield, later said that Biden is fine and did not even need the care of the accompanying medical staff. “Nothing more than a misstep on the stairs”, he guaranteed. Shortly thereafter, the son of former President of the United States, Donald Trump Jr., shared the video in which Joe Biden appears stumbling and falling. “I remember the press criticizing Trump for holding the handrail once. Biden falls repeatedly, but I am sure he is the image of health. No wonder all of our enemies are simultaneously attacking and publicly mocking him, ”he quipped.