Joe Biden will host Asian partners at the White House


US President Joe Biden will host the first meeting at the White House on Friday, which will be attended in person by several leaders of the Indo-Pacific countries. The meeting with Asian partners will be the end of a difficult diplomatic week for Biden, who has been the target of criticism from both allies and opponents in recent weeks.

Leaders from India, Japan and Australia will attend the White House visit. The Biden administration hopes that meeting with these countries will allow the president to outline his foreign policy. This will be especially important in light of the fact that the United States is concerned about China’s economic activities and military maneuvers.

At the meeting, the leaders will talk about the Coronavirus Vaccination Initiative, the supply chain of electric chips, and the plan to bring more students to American universities to defend their master’s and doctoral degrees from these Asian countries.

Prior to today’s summit, the governments of Japan and India welcomed the US and UK plans to supply Australia with nuclear-powered submarines.