Joice Hasselmann hires lawyer Kakay for technical defense in alleged aggression case – Prime Time Zone


Antônio Carlos de Almeida Castro’s office has already talked to the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira, and said he trusts the work of the Legislative Police

Valter Campanato/Brazil AgencyKakay was hired for the technical defense of Joice Hasselmann

The lawyer Antônio Carlos de Almeida Castro, kakay, confirmed this Friday, 30, that he assumed the technical defense of the federal deputy Joice Hasselmann (PSL-SP) in the investigations of the alleged assault suffered by her inside her apartment in Brasília on July 17th. His office must follow the investigations and said he trusts the Legislative Police and the Civil Police of the Federal District to elucidate the case. “The deputy suffered serious injuries and, of course, she has the right to know precisely what happened. For this reason, the technical defense is qualifying itself to contribute to the investigation of facts, without any intention of actively participating in investigative acts, which are the exclusive competence of the police”, says an excerpt from the note.

Hasselmann’s defense recalled that the deputy has already been heard and said that, even though she has several dislikes because of her own political stance and has doubts that the injuries were caused by a fall, she said that “it would not be reckless to point out absolutely no suspects”. The lawyer also said that he has already talked to the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira, whom he classified as “extremely correct” to contribute whatever is necessary for the investigations. “The defense recognizes in the president of the Chamber all the necessary requirements for a correct and technical conduct”, the document concludes. The Legislative Police Department of the Chamber of Deputies forwarded the investigation of the alleged aggressions to the Federal Public Ministry last Tuesday, 27. Now, it will be up to the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) to offer or not the complaint to the Federal Court.