Justice decides that Roger Abdelmassih should return to the closed regime – Prime Time Zone


The São Paulo court attested that a doctor was physically able to serve a sentence in prison; he was released under house arrest in May 2021

Disclosure/SenadFormer doctor Roger Abdelmassih was sent to house arrest in May

the justice of São Paulo accepted this Thursday, 29, a request from the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Taubate so that the ex-doctor Roger Abdelmassih lose the benefit of house arrest and return to the closed regime. The request stated that Abdelmassih’s state of health was not a justification for him to receive the home benefit and was based on an expert report from the Center for Enforcement Support (CAEx) which attested that he was physically able to continue serving his sentence in the prison unit in which he was. The former doctor was granted house arrest in May by decision of Judge Sueli Zeraik de Oliveira Armani, from the Criminal Execution Court of Taubaté.

She concluded that Abdelmassih is covered by the conditions legally imposed for the granting of house arrest, which is the involvement of a serious illness, requiring care that is not offered in the prison unit. “It is evidenced in the records that the convict in question is 76 years old, has a very debilitated clinical condition, currently experiences considerable deterioration in his health, needs uninterrupted care, constant medication and at different times, frequent and specific examinations, as well as special meals and continuous surveillance, both in the medical and nursing areas”, he mentioned in the decision. Since September 2020 he has been at the Hospital Center of the Penitentiary System, in Carandiru, a neighborhood in the northern part of São Paulo.