Justice removes Sérgio Camargo from the personnel management of Fundação Palmares for moral harassment – ​​Prime Time Zone


The request was made by the Public Ministry of Labor and points out, in addition to harassment, ideological persecution and discrimination against employees

Sergio Camargo was removed from office due to psychological harassment

A work justice determined on Monday, 11, the removal of the president of the Palmares Foundation, Sergio Camargo, of personnel management activities. With the decision, he is prohibited from appointing, hiring and removing employees of the entity. The sentence is signed by Judge Gustavo Carvalho Chehab, of the 21st Labor Court of Brasília, who responded to a request from the Public Ministry of Labor. The agency says that Sérgio Camargo committed bullying, ideological persecution e discrimination against officials. “The initial elements of evidence brought by the author indicate that, from the perspective of the reports collected in the investigative procedure prior to this demand, the work environment has suffered degradation and that former workers narrate situations of phobias, panic and emotional upheaval”, says one excerpt from the decision. The daily fine in case of non-compliance is R$5,000.

In his decision, the judge also said that the measure is a precautionary measure and can be reviewed, but it is necessary to ‘repress any practices considered, in principle, as abusive’. “The alleged abuse of the defendant is centered on the management of people and the possible public execration of individuals (issue affects the 2nd protective measure required). However, if the abusive action of the 2nd defendant can be identified and isolated (or removed) in a given attribution, then the injunction must fall on this and not on the entire exercise of the mandate entrusted by the Honorable President of the Republic” , he wrote.

The magistrate also prohibited Sérgio Camargo from using his personal profiles and the institutional accounts of the Parlamares Foundation on social networks against third parties. “I also impose the following precautionary measure: prohibition of – directly, indirectly or by third parties – vexatious manifestation, comment or practice, harassment, cyberbullying, harassment, intimidation, humiliation, embarrassment, insinuations, debauchery, jokes, ironies, attacks, offenses or threats”, he determined.

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