Kelly Degnan and former US ambassadors congratulate Georgia on the New Year


“Americans and Georgians have shown that we can and will stand together, despite the challenges” – the United States addresses the people of Georgia with these words and wishes them a Happy New Year.

“This year has been difficult for many people around the world because of the uncertainty, the changes and the huge losses. At such times we realize how precious our family, friends and colleagues are and how much we value the time we spend together. The challenges of 2020 did not stop us, we found new ways to continue our important work in Georgia.

I was impressed by how many things we can successfully accomplish by working together. Covid can not stop us! As soon as the pandemic started, our whole team united to help Georgia in the fight against the virus. Your work has literally saved lives. “Americans and Georgians have shown that we can and will stand together despite the challenges,” Kelly Degnan said in a video released by the embassy.

Former US Ambassadors and Embassy staff to Georgia join in congratulating the current Ambassador. Diplomats wish the Georgian people a successful 2021.