Lazaro’s ex-wives and mother-in-law are indicted for helping him on the run – Prime Time Zone


Goiás Police criminally blamed five people for involvement with a criminal, who was killed last July 28 in the interior of the state

Eduardo Bolsonaor/Twitter/Mounting of reproduction photosPhotos of Lázaro were published on Eduardo Bolsonaro’s networks

As police do federal District and of Goiás detailed this Tuesday, 27, the outcomes of Operation Anhanguera, designed to search for the criminal Lazaro Barbosa, killed on June 28 in Águas Lindas de Goiás after committing robberies, murders, rapes and spending weeks fleeing in forested areas of the Brazilian Midwest. According to delegate Cléber Marine, five people were indicted in inquiries opened by PC-GO: farmer Elmir Caetano, who was detained during the operation; the caretaker of his farm, the two ex-wives of Lázaro and his ex-mother-in-law. The men were detained for personal favor and possession of an unregistered firearm. Women, in turn, may have played an essential role in the suspect’s escape. “They were so much providing him with information, providing a guardhouse, including food, taking him to places, to hiding places, and above all they were going to arrange for his permanent escape,” said the delegate.

The investigations were closed in Goiás and the five suspects must respond to lawsuits, but the Federal District police are continuing their investigations to find out if more people helped the criminal. Police reports also show that 43-year-old Cleonice Marques, kidnapped by Lázaro after all her family members were killed in Ceilândia, was raped before being killed. There is no definition, however, of whether the sexual violence was committed by the suspect. Now, the Public Security Department of Goiás will ask for the seizure of the property of the farmer arrested on suspicion of helping the criminal in his escape. The expectation is that the value of his possessions can help cover part of the police’s expenses in days of operation.