LIVE: Protesters take to the streets in support of Bolsonaro this September 7th; follow – Young Pan


Acts take place in several cities in Brazil; supporters took the Avenida Paulista and the Esplanada dos Ministérios

JOAO GABRIEL ALVES/FRAME/ESTADÃO CONTENTAmong posters, t-shirts and Brazilian flags, the participants call for the impeachment of Supreme Court ministers and demonstrate government support

Pro-government protesters have already begun rallies in support of the president Jair Bolsonaro, against the Supreme Court (STF) and in celebration of the September 7th. In Brasília, the participants managed to break through the Military Police’s blockade and gain access to the Esplanade of Ministries this Monday, 6. Among posters, t-shirts and Brazilian flags, the participants asked for the impeachment of Supreme Court justices and demonstrate support from the federal government. In addition to the Federal District, this Tuesday’s demonstrations are spread across several Brazilian states, such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Acts in support of Bolsonaro are also planned to take place abroad. check out below the special coverage of Young pan upon the demonstrations of this 7th of September:

11:43 – Bolsonaro says he will show the heads of the Powers ‘a photograph’ to say ‘where we must all go’

Also in his speech on the Esplanade, broadcast on his Facebook profile, President Jair Bolsonaro said that this Wednesday, 8, he will participate in a meeting of the Council of the Republic to show the presidents of the Chamber, Senate and Supreme Court “ a photograph” that indicates “where we all must go”. “I ask you to listen to me around 4 pm on Avenida Paulista. As Chief Executive, it would be easier to stay at home but as I have always said throughout my political life, I will be where the people are. I’m going to São Paulo and back. Tomorrow I will be at the Council of the Republic, together with ministers, for us, together with the presidents of the Chamber, the Senate and the Federal Supreme Court, with this photograph of you, to show where we must all go”, he said.

11:38 – In a speech in Brasília, Bolsonaro threatens STF: ‘You can suffer what we don’t want’

In a speech to supporters on the Esplanade of Ministries, President Jair Bolsonaro threatened the Supreme Court and launched attacks on Minister Alexandre de Moraes. “We will no longer accept that any authority, using the force of Power, overrides our Constitution. We will no longer accept any measure, any action that comes from outside the four lines of the Constitution. We also cannot continue to accept that a specific person from the region of the three Powers continues to barbarize our population. We cannot accept any more political arrests in our Brazil. Or the head of this Power [ministro Luix Fux] frame your or that Power can suffer what we do not want. Because we value, recognize and know the value of each Power of the Republic. We all, here in the square of the three Powers, swear to respect our Constitution. Whoever acts outside of it fits in or asks to leave. A person from the Federal Supreme Court lost the minimum conditions to remain in that court. All of us here, without exception, are the ones who will say where Brazil should go”, he said. The protesters present reacted to the cries of “I authorize” and “out, Alexandre”.

11:30 am – In 400 buses, twenty thousand people travel from Santa Catarina to acts in São Paulo

Even with the demonstrations planned for Florianopolis, supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro travel from the city of Santa Catarina to participate in the events taking place in the capital of São Paulo this Tuesday, which are expected to be one of the largest in the country. In all, 400 buses left Santa Catarina taking 20,000 demonstrators to São Paulo, which also receives caravans from other Brazilian states and municipalities.

11:12 am – Acts in Natal call for impeachment of ministers and auditable printed vote

In Natal, capital of Rio Grande do Norte, the protests this Tuesday, 7th, in addition to declaring support for President Jair Bolsonaro, call for the impeachment of ministers Alexandre de Moraes and Luis Roberto Barroso, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), and the implementation of the auditable printed vote, defeated in the Chamber of Deputies last month. According to information from Prime Time Zone News Natal, around 20 thousand people are expected to participate in the demonstrations, including residents of cities in the interior of the state.

11:00 am – Protesters march pro-Bolsonaro in Belo Horizonte

The capital of Minas Gerais is also the stage for acts favorable to the President of the Republic. In Belo Horizonte, the gathering of the act began around 9 am in Mineirão, in the Pampulha region and continues in a motorcade. Helicopter images from Prime Time Zone News BH show hundreds of vehicles passing through the Caiçara district, heading towards the city center. The planned itinerary includes Av. Pedro ll, Viaduto D. Helena Greco, Av. Bias Fortes and Praça da Liberdade.

10:45 am – President Jair Bolsonaro addresses protesters in Brasília

President Jair Bolsonaro made a speech to his supporters, in Brasília, after a solemnity for the 7th of September. During his speech, the president defended the institutions, said he will “act within the four lines of the Constitution” and asked the Supreme Court (STF) also respect the will of the people who, according to him, “is sovereign”.

10:22 am – Rio de Janeiro has simultaneous acts against and in favor of Bolsonaro

In Rio de Janeiro, the acts are scheduled to start at 10am. On Copacabana beach, the postcard of the city of Rio de Janeiro, residents participate in the demonstration using green and yellow colors, and most of them do not wear a mask to protect against the Covid-19. Cars and trucks with sound equipment are on site.
Rio also receives the “Cry of the Excluded” this Tuesday. The movement against President Bolsonaro is concentrated on Rua Uruguaia, in the center of the city, and is taking place in a peaceful manner. Among the protesters are health professionals, who cite delay in vaccination and the advancement of Delta variant as a result of the negligences of the federal government.

9:50 am – Alongside Collor, Bolsonaro monitors the raising of the flag in Brasília

The president Jair Bolsonaro participated in the flag-raising ceremony, in Brasília, in the Alvorada Palace. The event was attended by ministers Paulo Guedes, General Heleno, Damares Alves and Onyx Lorenzoni, in addition to former president Fernando Collor de Mello. The ceremony included an armored display of a presidential parade on the Rolls Royce, a jump by three paratroopers and a 21-gun salute. Government supporters followed the event. The expectation is that Bolsonaro will participate in the demonstrations in Brasília and São Paulo.

9 am – Protesters begin rallying in São Paulo; Paulista avenue is closed

Groups of supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro began gatherings in the capital of São Paulo this Tuesday morning, 7th, in various points of the city. Paulista Avenue, with the largest clusters in front of the FIESP building and the São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP). Buses from inland cities are also starting to arrive in the central region of the city. The forecast is for the demonstration in São Paulo to start at 2 pm, the great expectation is that President Jair Bolsonaro will participate in the act with a speech aimed at supporters.