Lockdown again in that country from today


Prime Time Zone, Webdesk: Corona booming again around the world. Second wave cases continue to rise. Although the vaccine has become available worldwide, the number of cases has not decreased. How to block the corona with this? Scientists think. As the cases increased again .. the public began to worry again.

In this order many countries are once again taking steps towards lockdown. As part of this, France recently announced that it was implementing a lockdown again. The lockdown was imposed in 16 areas of France for a month from March 19. It said the new restrictions would take effect from midnight on Friday and that people could come out to walk, but must have a permit.

It also imposed restrictions on people walking more than 10 kilometers from their homes. The French government has asked companies to implement a work-from-home. It said there would be a curfew from 7pm onwards.