Lula gives advice to Nicaragua’s dictator and asks him to ‘not give up democracy’ – Prime Time Zone


Former president addressed Daniel Ortega in an interview given to the Mexican channel and said that ‘there is information that things are not going so well’ in the Latin country

TVT/Youtube/Video Playback Lula gave an interview to TVT channel

In an interview with Mexican newspaper TVT last week, the former president Lula (PT) gave advice to the dictator of Nicaragua, the ex-guerrilla Daniel Ortega, who has governed the Latin country since 2007 and will run for the fourth electoral term with his main political opponents in prison. “It’s been ten years since I have had contact with Nicaragua, I don’t know what is happening with Nicaragua, but I have information that things are not going well there, but if I can give Daniel Ortega some advice, if I can to give advice to him and any other president is not to give up democracy. Do not give up defending press freedom, freedom of communication, freedom of expression, because that is what strengthens democracy,” Lula said.

For more than 40 minutes, he spoke about Brazil’s past and stated that he had already given advice to other Latino leaders when he was president. “I said to Chávez, I said to Uribe, that every time a ruler starts to think he is irreplaceable and every time a ruler starts to think he is indispensable, a little dictatorship is emerging in that country,” he said, commenting that , in the case of Nicaragua, an alternation of power “would be good”. The president also “remembered” his own suitability by stating that, even with good popular approval in 2008, he did not accept a third term to respect the Constitution.