Macron’s announcement drives record vaccination schedules


Ludovic Marin / EPA

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron

Sites for scheduling vaccinations registered a peak of accesses, with those responsible for advancing with the number of 20 thousand appointments per minute. It is estimated that in the hours that followed the announcement, around 926,000 people — most of them under 35 — were booked.

After Emmanuel Macron’s announcement that people not vaccinated against covid-19 could be banned from entering cafes, restaurants, shopping centers or trains starting this month, the French accessed the sites en masse that allow self-scheduling of appointments to take the vaccines.

According to Stanislas Niox-Chateau, director of Doctolib, the country’s main medical booking site, more than 20 thousand French per minute scheduled your appointment. “We broke all the records established since the beginning of the vaccination campaign, and the phenomenon continued during the night and this morning.”

The site’s representative also revealed that, in total, 926 thousand people — the majority under the age of 35 — have made their appointment since the declaration of the President of the French Republic. In a reaction to the numbers, the Welsh Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, stated that the peak of appointments means that “thousands of lives were saved”.

According to the statements of Emmanuel Macron, from 21 July, anyone who wishes to attend theaters, cinemas, sporting events or festivals with more than 50 people in the public, you will have to provide proof of complete vaccination or a negative test — similar to what happens in Portugal on weekends.

As of August 1, the measure will cover bars, cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, long-distance train journeys and planes. At the same time, the government will no longer provide free trials to covid-19, as a way to encourage vaccination.

The reaction of cinema and restaurant owners was generally positive, despite doubts related to the practical application of the measures. Marc-Olivier Sebbag, from the association of French cinema owners, revealed that its members “supported the idea”, although they still have questions related to the “organization”, cites the The Guardian. “Is supposed let us check if the proofs are true?” he asked.

An estimated 22.4 million people watched the official statement by Emmanuel Macron, in which the head of state announced that vaccination against covid-19 would become mandatory for all healthcare workers and caregivers. vulnerable people — with sanctions provided for those who break the rules.

According to Olivier Véran, the number of infections in France is doubling every five days, being “the government’s obligation to protect the entire population”. As such, “the choice would be between a new confinement or proof of health – it is not about punishment or blackmail”.

Unlike what happens in Portugal, the terraces and terraces of cafes and restaurants are also covered by the new rules, which were well received by the director of the Paris hospitals. In an interview with French public radio, Martin Hirsch was “very relieved” with the measures, revealing that none of the patients currently admitted to intensive care in the region were fully vaccinated.

The Guardian reports that around 35.5 million people are inoculated with a dose of the covid-19 vaccine, a little more than half, while only 37% of the population is fully immunized — figures that prove France has two higher rates of skepticism about vaccines within European countries.

The fact is that despite the reluctance of the French to be vaccinated has decreased throughout the pandemic, the most recent numbers of vaccine administration reveal that the number of first doses administered have been decreasing.

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