“Majority Dictatorship” – Georgia at a Dangerous Crossroads?


The main points of Irakli Gharibashvili’s statement coincide with the views of violent radical groups. The non-governmental sector and lawyers are talking about the complete disregard of the Constitution by the Prime Minister. The rallies continue and the situation in the country is tense. Due to the encouragement and protection of violence, the resignation of the Prime Minister is now demanded by the majority of the parliamentary opposition and is planning appropriate legal avenues.

Rejection of the requirements of the Constitution

On July 12, it appeared that the death of Lekso Lashkarava, the cameraman of Pirveli TV, who had been severely beaten by the perpetrators, had left the government unchanged.

Before the government session began on Monday, Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili reiterated and intensified statements made on July 5 by a large section of lawyers, human rights activists and civil society, even then unconstitutional and inciting violence.

Gharibashvili directly stated that he never considered it expedient to hold a “Tbilisi Pride” on Rustaveli Avenue; That the government obeyed the wishes of 95% of the citizens in this regard, it will continue to be so and the time when “Any decision was made with a violent signature in Georgia”.

“The statements made by the Prime Minister to the Public Defender prove that it is in accordance with the will of the Prime Minister.”“On July 5, the police were not organized properly” And It did not happen consciously Stop the attacks of the perpetrators.

Nino Lomjaria says that the Prime Minister practically “Declared majority dictatorship” And it has nothing to do with democracy and human rights because in a democratic society “The majority does not decide whether minority rights will be protected.”

Lawyers also see dangerous symptoms in the Prime Minister’s statements.

“Unfortunately, the Prime Minister announced today that he rejects the constitutional order that exists in Georgia and intends to introduce a new type of government where people no longer enjoy the fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution …

The Prime Minister told us that the minority in this country must be bound by the will of the government and violent groups on the one hand. ” – Lawyer Giorgi Mshvenieradze tells Radio Liberty.

According to him, the government promotes the tendency to “pervert” Western values ​​based on human rights and well-being, and this is the main goal of violent, hate groups, which, in turn, is in Russia’s interests.

According to Mshvenieradze, “Georgia has not stood at such a dangerous crossroads for the last 30 years.”

The head of the Young Lawyers’ Association, Nika Simonishvili, calls the name of 95% “manipulation of numbers” by the Prime Minister. According to him, Gharibashvili’s statements are becoming more and more dangerous.

“Who counted it?” This figure has nothing to do with reality. Instead, the Prime Minister showed us that he evaluates the issue quantitatively and not qualitatively … that is, it is important for him how many people will reject this or that issue and not how the issue is regulated by the constitution of the country … The Prime Minister’s statements became dangerous because “There are obvious signs of dictatorship in them … We have seen that the Prime Minister has found even more justification and justification for what happened on July 5.” – Nika Simonishvili tells Radio Liberty.

Here is the opposition, there is the opposition

Part of the media An ultimatum – Regarding the resignation, Irakli Gharibashvili responded with counter-accusations before the expiration of the term.

The Georgian Prime Minister said he condemned the violence, but made it clear that he saw the opposition behind the mass beatings of journalists, as well as behind the critical media and Tbilisi Pride.

The Prime Minister said:

  • “Home, TV First and Formula are run directly by Saakashvili and with their stolen finances … Consequently, their agenda and the agenda of the National Movement and the revanchist radical force are absolutely identical”;
  • Questions were asked – what was the connection between the ElGBT community and the event organized by them, specifically with Saakashvili … One of the co-organizers and supporters of the event was the organization “Shame”, which is absolutely fully run by Saakashvili’s organizations.
  • “The investigation is working on several versions … including the version of why the aggressive attack on journalists and cameramen was carried out by aggressive individuals ?! “There is a version that the revanchist radical force is also behind these provocateurs. … We should not forget the methods used by these abusers and murderers … when there were even acts of terrorism.”

Gharibashvili’s accusations were met with a special statement by the public movement “Shame” founded by civil activists. “We have a so-called “Thieves, murderers, homophobes and unworthy prime ministers with a” thieves’ mentality “ – We read in the statement.

Coincidences – with the abusers, differences – with the West

Like the Prime Minister, behind the recent events they see the opposition’s revanchist, revolutionary plans in one of the main groups of organizers of the July 5 violence, Alt-Info.

According to the presenters of this TV channel and the active participants in the violent events:

  • TV Pirveli cameraman Lekso Lashkarava’s opposition is branded a “sacred victim” – the Liberals either killed him or used his death for revolutionary purposes;
  • After the “sacral sacrifice”, a “violent coup or attempts to break into various government buildings – Gavrilov 2” is planned;
  • This is an American handwriting and without the US it could not have happened.

Zura Makharadze, one of the presenters and one of the main creators of “Alt-Info” affiliated with Levan Vasadze, a businessman who entered politics, said on July 11, against the background of the rally announced by the media:

“An emotional wave is happening. Exactly the same wave as it was in Gavrilov’s moment … This will be an attempt – to gather a critical mass in front of the parliament and do what they have been doing for so long … to make a revolution using a sacral sacrifice card. That is what is going on and being made on the air now. “

The organizers of the violent rallies called on the public not to be surprised by such developments and were prepared to meet. They do not announce specific plans on the air, but say that you should have maximum coordination with each other.

The statements of the Prime Minister of Georgia are inconsistent with the assessments of international partners.

Contrary to their request / advice, Irakli Gharibashvili directly indicated on July 12 that he did not intend to oppose the will of the forces that oppose the constitutional rights of minorities, freedom of expression.

Ambassadors from different countries have repeatedly stated in recent days that the Georgian government has not condemned the violence and has inappropriately opposed it.

A recent statement from the US Embassy said that it was this violence that led to the death of Lexo Lashkarava.

The protest in front of the parliament resumed on July 12. Media representatives, public groups and politicians continue to demand the resignation of Irakli Gharibashvili’s government.

Political scientist Cornell Kakachia also believes that the only way out of the dangerous situation in Georgia is to change the government.

“In such a crisis, in a normal country, the prime minister, the interior minister and the city police chief would resign in all options. They must take responsibility in a normal, democratic country … If this situation continues like this, all this may lead to a very serious civil confrontation … Such a policy may take us back to the 90s of the last century. “ – Cornell Kakachia tells us.

The basis for such a judgment is given, first of all, by the assessment of the international community and a large part of the society that the government has failed to fulfill its constitutional obligations in the light of the events of 5 July.

Cornell Kakachia, based on his international contacts, also tells us that “the tone towards Georgia has changed significantly.”

In the Demar of the Opposition in Parliament

Routine parliamentary work is again disrupted by much of the opposition, which, after a long political crisis, entered parliament with a long delay of months, thanks to the great efforts of international partners.

Opposition factions say their main task from now on will be the resignation of Irakli Gharibashvili’s government. Opposition politicians from the three major factions are ready, as an exception, to also support the constitutional changes – in connection with the transition to a fully proportional electoral system.

  • “Today we are protesting against the attack on journalists, today we are protesting against the Russian course, today we are protesting against the non-fulfillment of the” Charles Michel Agreement “, the judges are so fast Appointment The process … The solution is one – a peaceful protest, a transitional government and a peaceful local elections. This is the only one. “Georgian Dream (will be alone in Parliament)” – Mamuka Khazaradze, faction “Try – Partnership for Georgia”;
  • “We will no longer continue to participate in the routine process in this hypocritical, fake parliament. Of course, we will be with the citizens of Georgia, with the journalists who are being killed, in the literal sense of the word … We will take part only in the process, which involves the issue of a vote of no confidence in the Georgian government. ” Khatia Dekanoidze, faction “United National Movement – Power is in Unity”;
  • “Mr. Irakli (Gharibashvili), you and your team are the force who killed Lekso Lashkarava. “Do your first thing to plan this special operation, second – encourage aggressive actions with statements, third – continue these unbridled statements to this day … We, our faction will do everything to remove the curtain to the end” – Giorgi Vashadze, Charles Michel Reform Group.

Representatives of “Georgian Dream” SayThat the opposition will not be able to carry out its destructive plan.

The background was already tense, but judging by the statements of the opposition MPs, the political temperature in the parliament was significantly increased by the statements made by the Prime Minister on July 12.