Man accused of attempted murder for contaminating chief’s drink with coronavirus – Prime Time Zone


If it happened in Turkey with a car salesman, who would aim to make his boss contract Covid-19 through the saliva of a patient

Pixabay Lense_N_PenA concessionaire employee managed to alert the victim before she took the contaminated drink

A car salesman was charged with attempted murder after allegedly contaminating the glass of his boss, Ibrahim Unverdi, with the saliva of a person contaminated by new coronavirus. Ramazan Cimen would have bought the saliva from a person with symptoms of Covid-19 for £ 50 and mixed it into the dealer’s owner’s drink. However, another store employee reportedly alerted the victim of the attempt to transmit the disease in time. Unverdi claims the employee tried to infect him after assuming he stole money from the utility to pay off a personal debt. Since the alleged attempt to contaminate the cup with the new coronavirus, Cimen would have been sending threatening messages to the boss, one of which said: “I couldn’t kill you with the virus. I will shoot you in the head next time ”. Upon presenting this evidence, Unverdi began to receive police protection. “I would rather he kill me than try to infect me with the virus. My mom and dad have chronic illnesses. If he infected me with Covid-19, I could have infected my family and everyone around me. At least, if he shot me in the head, I would be the only one to die, ”he told the local newspaper Hurriyet. Cimen is still being sought by the police.