Man Hits 2Deer With NewCar: The man who hit the deer with a new car … Do you know how he became a millionaire overnight ..! – Man Hits 2Deer With NewCar:


No one knows how luck comes to a man .. Once upon a time we lost in life … When luck greets us in another form when we think misfortune is haunting .. That person has no limit to happiness .. So Lakmidevi knocks on the door for a man from America ..

Man Hits 2Deer With NewCar: Nobody Knows How Luck Comes To A Man .. Once We Lose In Life సమయంలో When luck seems to haunt us in another form .. That person has no limit to happiness .. So Lakmidevi knocks on the door of a man from America .. Night That made him a millionaire overnight. Unexpectedly, he was hit by a deer collision with a brand new car. He is suffering from depression and has won Rs. Owned $ 20 million. News of this is circulating on social media.

Anthony Dove of North Carolina left for office in a new car he bought. However .. in the middle of the road suddenly two deer rushed on the road. Unable to control the car, he hit the deer. The car was damaged in the incident. He kept thinking about how much it would cost to repair it. But when he woke up in the morning, his life changed. The shocking news came to Anthony as he checked the lottery ticket numbers he had purchased. He won $ 2 million, or 14.6 crores of letters.

In fact he won only $ 1 million. Anthony gave the ticket to the store and went to collect it for prize money. He won another ticket there. This doubled his total. He paid $ 1.4 million, or $ 10.2 million, in taxes. Anthony was happy to receive the check at the lottery headquarters and said that he would repair the car with the money and make repairs to his parents’ house. The details were revealed by the North Carolina Education Lottery.

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