Man is bitten by snake in the groin after sitting on the toilet in Austria – Young Pan


Six-foot-long albino python was from the victim’s neighbor and may have escaped through the building’s piping; 65-year-old man was rescued and is doing well

Werner Stangl/ReproductionCobra was in apartment piping

A 65-year-old man, resident of the city of Graz, in Austria, was attacked by a cobra in the groin this Monday, 5, after sitting on the toilet at home. The animal, which was four feet long, was a pet albino python of his neighbor, a 24-year-old who raises wild animals. The victim said he felt the pain in his groin as soon as he sat on the toilet and realized he had been bitten by a snake that came out of the pipe and was still in the toilet. The elderly person was taken to the hospital, had stitches, underwent a series of tests and is not life-threatening. The snake’s owner, who stated that he did not know how the animal escaped from the terrarium in which it lived, was fined for the crime of injury and negligence. He creates another 10 snakes and a lizard, but is awaiting a court decision to recover the “guard” of the animal that escaped through the building’s pipes. According to the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung, reptile specialist Werner Stangl was called to the scene to remove the animal from the pipe. “It was not an easy task. The python had every muscle tense and was stuck in the tube,” he said.