Man kills girlfriend and shoots police at home in Cotia; three people died – Young Pan


In addition to Patrícia Cristina, a police officer and the killer himself, identified as Ricardo Trindade, die at the scene; another policeman was also shot

Disclosure/SSPPolice were called by the victim’s family, who reported Patricia’s disappearance

Ricardo Trindade killed his girlfriend Patrícia Cristina with five shots this Monday, 19. The case happened in Granja Viana, in the neighborhood of Cotia, in the Great Sao Paulo. With the arrival of the police at the scene, he jumped the wall of the house where he was and went to a vacant lot, where he changed shots with police officers and killed one of the security agents. The police were called by the victim’s family, who reported Patricia’s disappearance. After trying to escape, Ricardo wounded another police officer, who was taken to hospital with eight shots. The assassin ended up dying on the spot. Police chief Rui Ferraz Fontes said that the boy had already been through the police and that the victim’s relatives were worried. “She was missing a few days ago. She went to the military police, the police knocked, but he didn’t want to answer. Then she went to the police station and they came to carry out the investigation. It’s still too early to unravel this whole story, the policeman needs to be heard, the family needs to be listened to,” he said.

Luana Fialho, 24-year-old administrative assistant, was born in Granja Viana and knew Ricardo since she was little. She says that her mother dated the assassin for a short time. “She even commented that he was a little possessive, jealous. He even argued in a more brusque way, he never physically abused my mother, but she already saw that it was not a good thing to stay living with him and ended it. […] I once saw him arguing with Patricia in the street, but it was really a verbal argument, she went one way, he the other, then he went after her. I didn’t think I was going to get to that level, I didn’t think he had a gun, I just thought it was a couple’s argument, but I believe it happened more often,” he said. Ricardo leaves behind a 10-year-old son. The case was registered at the 2nd Police Department of Cotia.

*With information from the reporter Victor Moraes