Man wounds three police officers before being shot and killed during attack in France – Young Pan


The 39-year-old suspect was a police acquaintance who was on a ‘radical’ list and allegedly suffered from a serious psychiatric illness

Reproduction Twitter Gendarmerie200 police officers and 2 helicopters were mobilized to search for the criminal, who fled on foot after stabbing an agent

A 39-year-old man injured three police officers during an attack carried out on Friday, 28, in the small town of La-Chapelle-sur-Erdre, west of Spain. France. The local press reports that early in the morning the suspect entered a police station and stabbed an agent, causing her fatal injuries. Before fleeing the scene, he took the victim’s gun. After the incident, 200 police officers and two helicopters were mobilized to search for the criminal while all roads in the region were closed. The man was eventually located three hours later and shot two agents trying to arrest him. The bullets hit the officers’ arms and hands, causing injuries that were not considered critical. The suspect was also shot and received medical care at the scene, but ended up dying soon after. According to French media, the man was known to the police and was on a list of alleged radicals. the news agency AFP adds that he suffered from “a very serious psychiatric illness.”