March was the most lethal month of the pandemic in private hospitals, study finds – Prime Time Zone


Survey of the sector shows an increase in the positive diagnosis of Covid-19 and in the length of stay of patients with the disease during the period

CARLOS SILVA / AGENCY FREE LANCER / ESTADÃO CONTENTAlso in March, 45% of patients who came to emergency rooms with suspected disease tested positive for Covid-19

May this year was the most critical month for the private health network since the beginning of pandemic. A survey by the National Association of Private Hospitals (Anahp) points out that the mortality rate of patients due to Covid-19 reached 15.1% in the period, higher than the 14.9% registered in August 2020, until then considered the worst month of the health crisis. Also in March, 45% of patients who came to the emergency room with suspected disease tested positive for HIV infection. coronavirus. The time of hospitalization of patients also increased earlier this year compared to the year 2020, the highest peak occupancy of exclusive beds for patients with Covid-19 also occurred between March and May. One of the study’s coordinators, Ary Ribeiro, believes that a possible further aggravation of the health crisis should affect the health system less. “If the third wave comes, it will probably not have the same intensity as the second wave, I think it will [uma nova onda] and I believe that perhaps the beneficial thing now is that hospitals, especially the public system, have prepared themselves with more perennial structures. ”

Contrary to expectations, the survey also showed that the bed occupancy rate in private hospitals, fell in 2020 when compared to the pre-pandemic period. The index that remained at 75% between 2017 and 2019 fell to 67.59% last year. The researchers believe that the result is justified because of the postponement of elective procedures and the population’s fear of leaving the case. According to the association, up to 25% of consultations are carried out remotely. In 20% of hospitals, the telemedicine up to half of the visits, reaching 75% in some units.

* With information from reporter Caterina Achutti