Mário Frias says he asked for expertise to investigate whether the fire in the Cinemateca’s shed was criminal – Prime Time Zone


Special Secretary for Culture stated that he wants to understand what happened and stressed that he is committed to the local collection

ASCOM/MCTI Mário Frias positioned himself on social networks

The Special Secretary of Culture, Mario Frias, used social media on Thursday, 29, to take a stand on the fire registered in a shed in the cinematheque Nacional in the neighborhood of Vila Leopoldina, west of São Paulo, in the late afternoon. “I have already requested the expertise of the Federal Police, which will take the necessary steps to verify whether the fire at the Cinemateca was criminal or not. I have a commitment to the collection kept there, that’s why I want to understand what happened”, he said. Despite not being the main building of the Cinemateca, the shed houses film rolls, Programadora Brasil collection and museum teams. No one was injured and at least 15 Fire Department vehicles were sent to respond to the incident, which began at 6 pm. Frias is in Rome, Italy, on an official schedule this Thursday night, 29, for the opening of the Conference of Ministers of Culture of the G20 Countries. He is accompanied by the Minister of Tourism, Gilson Machado. In a statement, the Special Secretariat of Culture stated that the investigation of the causes of the fire will be carried out by the PF, but only after the fire is controlled will it be possible to determine the impact and the necessary actions for an eventual recovery of the collection and, also, of the physical space. .