Meat Eaters Wanted: If you are a carnivore .. If you become a vegetarian for 3 months .. 50 lakh reward .. Do you know somewhere ..! – Meat Eaters Wanted:


If you are not a carnivore, do not go for less that your full bumper offer.

Meat Eaters Wanted: If you do not have a piece of meat lover .. But you have a bumper offer .. If not, you have to sacrifice a little bit of your habits .. If you do not eat non veg for three months after accepting the condition set by a company in Indian currency Rs. 50 lakhs can be won. Going into details

Vibrant Vegan in the UK is inviting applications to work as ‘Vegan Curious Coordinator’.
If selected, the company will provide vegetarian products for up to three months and will also send and supervise a nutritionist. However, the company selects complete carnivores. They should not eat meat for three months after being selected for this job. Vegetarianism should be promoted on social media.
The company management has announced that even after three months, we will give crores of rupees worth of vegetarian products to those who eat non veg. The job offer is currently circulating on social media.

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