Meghan Markle: Two days into an interview with Princess Meghan Markle’s husband, a disturbance at Britain’s Queen’s Castle – Two days into the telecast of an interview with Princess Meghan Markle and her husband, a disturbance at Britain’s Queen’s Castle


Meghan Markle: Secrets are coming out one by one in Britain’s Queen’s Castle. Conflicts between Queen Elizabeth and Princess Meghan Markle are on the road.

Meghan Markle: Secrets are coming out one by one in Britain’s Queen’s Castle. Conflicts between Queen Elizabeth and Princess Meghan Markle are on the road. There is a war going on between Britain’s royal systems and American liberties. Britain is on fire over Princess Meghan Markle saying goodbye to the palace. One British newspaper, Kodai, claims that the princess harassed the palace staff. At the same time, support for Meghan Markle is growing among Americans. The abyss between Queen Elizabeth vs. Princess Meghan at Buckingham Palace looks like Incola in Britain and America.

Cozy rotating beauty parrot .. came to the beautiful world. But realized that it was a cage. The shackles of the cage were severed and flew over Rivu. The gorilla in the cage was taken away. This is how the conflict in Britain’s Queen’s Fortress is so simple. The abyss between the queen and the princess, the granddaughter’s wife. For the royal family, the ongoing conflict for American‌ free life. This family that once ruled the world .. is unable to sustain itself. As a team .. as a team .. can not be together.

Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry, who is fed up with a cage – like life, has now become a villain to the British. There were allegations of harassment of personal staff at the palace. These allegations came to light after saying goodbye to the royal family. 10 former employees speak out against Meghan. The British royal family ordered an investigation. In this context, the British press is pepper spraying Meghan Markle. The Mirror wrote in an article that 10 former employees were cooperating with the investigation into Meghan’s harassment. Another story is that Meghan violated the royal family protocol regarding the dress to wear and got into a fight with the staff. The Mirror reports that a man named Jason, who served as Communications Secretary to Prince Harry and Meghan, also filed complaints in October 2018.

Meghan Markle is a tough boss. She expects a lot from her staff. Everyone says the same thing. Overall one thing is true. She harassed and harassed her staff. American society and the American media react differently to this controversy. Americans criticize the British media and British society for not allowing royal women to be free. Analysts assure that Prince Harry and Meghan will be comfortable in California. All in all, the affair has become like a war between Britain’s royalty and the rest of the world. British culture and society are still traditional and stereotyped. The British press and society there want women in the royal family to be among the commitments. However, American society wants freedom. Gives value to freedom and independence. Meghan is the epitome of these freedoms.

Meghan, who has acted in American movies and TV shows, has become popular. Although she has not starred, she has become known as a good actress. To this growing heroine .. Harry found .. but after the wedding the happiness was scarce. Meghan who is bored with the royal family .. is coming into the media again. Going into the media business. Princess Meghan Markle of the British royal family – now looks like a big asteroid to that royal family. The royal family is worried about what will happen to the asteroid. Because the interview promo given by this princess, along with her husband, is dusting off. The full interview is just two days away from being telecast. With this the earth is now trembling under the feet of Queen Elizabeth.

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