‘Milícia won’t build any more crap in this city,’ says Paes after a building collapsed – Prime Time Zone


Mayor says that teams from the municipality take daily actions to curb the construction of illegal properties; father and daughter died in a landslide in an area dominated by criminals

ANDRE MELO ANDRADE/IMMAGINI/ESTADÃO CONTEÚDO – 01/22/2021Mayor of Rio said that teams in the city work daily to curb irregular construction

Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Pais (DEM) stated on Thursday, 3, that it will not let criminal groups carry out works in the municipality. In a visit to the place where a building collapsed this morning and killed a father and a daughter, in Rio das Pedras — an area dominated by militiamen —, Paes said that the municipal executive has been working every day to curb irregular construction. “With me, the militia will no longer build a damn thing in this city. We are permanently demolishing and we have the challenge of taking care of the liabilities”, he stated. According to the mayor, just this week, three operations by the Executive were aimed at combating the exploitation of real estate by criminal groups. “We will always act firmly. Neither militia nor drug dealer nor delinquent overrides the power of the State.”

A Civil defense do Rio de Janeiro confirmed the death of a man and a two-year-old girl, father and daughter, who were buried in the rubble of a building that collapsed in Rio das Pedras, in the West Zone of the municipality, around 3:20 am. In all, six people were affected by the collapse of the building. At first, two women, aged 28 and 38, and a man aged 29 were taken to the Municipal Hospital Lourenço Jorge, in Barra da Tijuca. The three are doing well and two of them have already been discharged. Shortly after 9:00 am, a woman who was communicating with firefighters from inside the rubble was rescued by helicopter to Miguel Couto Hospital, in Leblon.

The mayor stated that the irregular works are part “of the city’s reality” and that the government needs to find solutions for the families who live in these regions. “We are not going to remove all the houses, from all the favelas and communities in Rio. What we have to do is look at these areas with more risk, look at these constructions to try to produce housing improvements,” he said. The reason for the fall of the building has not yet been identified by the teams, but according to a Young pan, there are suspicions that the building is an irregular construction in the region, controlled by militias. In 2019, two buildings collapsed in Muzema, also in the west side, and 24 people died.