Military exercises “fighting spirit” are starting in Georgia


Georgia is launching military exercises involving 4,000 troops from 15 allied and partner countries, including the United States.

The United States military says in a statement that the exercise will be conducted at five facilities in Georgia and will run from July 26 to August 6.

The opening ceremony of the “fighting spirit” was held at Senaki Air Base. On August 6, the completion ceremony of the exercises will be held at the Orfolo training facility. Other places for military games include the Vaziani training facility and the Vaziani military airfield.

This is the tenth “fighting spirit” exercise aimed at cooperating for regional security and improving the joint action of the participating military forces.

The exercises were first held in Georgia in 2011 and were held annually with the participation of the US and Georgian military forces.

Of the 4,000 soldiers, about 1,600 are from the Georgian Defense Forces and about 700 are US servicemen.

This year, for the first time, a joint multinational airborne operation is being conducted, in which Georgia, Britain and Poland are participating.

Also for the first time, special forces will conduct joint operations from Georgia, the United States, Britain, Romania and Poland.

Also participating in the exercise are Germany, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Spain, Ukraine, Canada and Italy.