Minister Nunes Marques will be the rapporteur of the action in the STF against the increase in the electoral fund – Prime Time Zone


The draw was held this Monday, the 19th, but the request may be analyzed by Minister Rosa Weber

Edilson Rodrigues/Senate AgencyMinister Kássio Nunes Marques is on vacation

the minister Kássio Nunes Marques was drawn this Monday, 19th, to be the rapporteur of the action filed by parliamentarians in the Supreme Federal Court against the increase of electoral fund, approved last week. The petition was filed last Friday, the 16th, by federal deputies Adriana Ventura (Novo-SP), Daniel Coelho (Citizenship-PE), Felipe Rigoni (PSB-ES), Tabata Amaral (PDT-SP), Tiago Mitraud (Novo-MG) and Vinicius Poit (Novo-SP), as well as Senator Alessandro Vieira (Citizenship-SE). However, despite the attribution to the minister, the request may be analyzed by the minister Rosa Weber, since Nunes Marques is on vacation. Weber temporarily assumes the presidency of the Court during the recess of the Judiciary. In this way, she must decide whether the issue is urgent or not. The request of the seven parliamentarians is to try to annul the vote held in the Senate that approved an increase in the ‘fundão’ of R$1.7 billion to R$5.7 billion. The approval caused revolt in several sectors and generated criticism of the government’s pocket base.