Ministry of Health publishes vaccination order for Education professionals – Prime Time Zone


Nursery and preschool staff and teachers will be prioritized to receive the first dose; folder also authorized the immunization of the general population between 18 and 59 years old, in descending order

ANANDA MIGLIANO/FUTURA PRESS/ESTADÃO CONTENT – 05/28/2021It is estimated that vaccination of people with comorbidities and other groups in progress will be completed within two weeks

O Ministry of Health defined, in a technical note released this Friday, the 28th, the new criteria on vaccination against a Covid-19 in states and municipalities. According to the note, from now on, teachers and education workers may be vaccinated. Doses will be sent to finalize the immunization of the elderly and groups of people with comorbidities and, in parallel, will be sent quantitative for the beginning of the campaign in education professionals. The folder also authorized the vaccination of general population between 18 and 59 years old, in descending order. According to the ministry, employees and teachers of kindergartens and preschools will be the first to receive the first dose of the vaccine. The calendar will prioritize workers involved in educating younger individuals.

According to the folder, the justification for the anticipation of vaccination of this group concerns the “important social impacts caused by Covid-19 in early childhood education with the need to return to in-person classes.” “These impacts are certainly being more important precisely in the less favored social groups and which have, for example, difficulties or even infeasibility to adhere to distance learning”, justifies the ministry, which stressed that daycare centers and schools contribute not only to education, but also for the food security of children. After the end of this vaccination step, the immunization of other workers of essential services will be started, however, in a concomitant, the vaccination of the general population will be started, in a staggered manner and by decreasing age groups, until the total care of the Brazilian population over 18 years of age will be started. The older people will be vaccinated first, but the details of the age groups to be met at each stage will be done through technical reports released by the Ministry of Health.

Check the list with the order of immunization of Education workers

  • Creches;
  • Preschools;
  • Elementary School;
  • High school;
  • Professionalizing;
  • EJA (Youth and Adult Education);
  • University education;