Model Anna Figueiredo reports aggression committed by her ex-boyfriend: ‘I thought I was going to die’ – Young Pan


Violence was registered at a police station in Niterói earlier this month and the victim’s report went viral on the networks, even being shared by Neymar

Anna Figueiredo/Video playback/InstagramAnna Figueiredo registered a police report

Model Anna Figueiredo used social media on Monday, 26, to report a aggression committed against her by her ex-boyfriend, a businessman identified as Vitor Hugo, at the beginning of July. In a series of stories, she said that she felt ashamed to report the violence suffered in early July, and classified the aggression as “one of the worst situations in life”. The model said she thought she would die while being punched, kicked, cursed and prohibited from accessing her cell phone to ask for help. In one of the excerpts of the publication, she exposes photos of marks on her face, eyes, arms and legs. In another, it is possible to hear an audio that would be the ex saying that “it lacked aggression to learn to be a woman”.

In another publication, the model showed an excerpt from the police report for bodily injury caused by punches, slaps and kicks recorded by her at a police station in the city of Niterói, in Rio de Janeiro. An excerpt from what appears to be a court document stating that the aggressor “at no time attacked the alleged victim, much less to the extent that she wants to make us believe in her dramatic and fanciful narrative”. The model’s report caused repercussions among famous people who called for an end to violence against women and encouraged the reporting of cases of aggression such as the one suffered by Anna. One of the people sharing the story and supporting Anna was player Neymar.