Monique Medeiros was hanged by Dr. Jairinho, point out messages obtained by the police – Prime Time Zone


The aggression case would have happened days before Henry Borel’s death; conversations recovered on the babysitter’s cell phone show the boy’s mother’s dissatisfaction with the relationship

Vitor Brugger / AM Press / Estadão ContentMonique Medeiros was arrested on suspicion of disrupting investigations into the death of her own son

The boy’s mother Henry Borel, Monique Medeiros, thought of separating from councilman Jairo Souza Santos, the Dr. Jairinho, days before the son’s death. According to the Rio de Janeiro police, messages retrieved on the cell phone of the child’s nanny, Thayná de Oliveira Ferreira, revealed all the teacher’s dissatisfaction with the parliamentarian. Monique would have told the nanny that it was beaten, hanged, and arrived to pack his bags to leave the house, but that did not happen. About four days later, Henry Borel, 4, was killed, probably as a result of a beating. Fluminense police detailed on Tuesday, the indictment of the couple. They were charged with doubly qualified homicide, with torture and without the right to defend the child. Henry Borel’s nanny, Thayná Ferreira may be indicted by the police for false testimony, since the first testimony, made at the Barra da Tijuca police station, did not reveal the conflicting relationship between Jairinho and Henry Borel.

AT Young pan, the prosecutor of the case, Marcos Kac, revealed that he intends, probably still this Wednesday, 5, to offer denunciation against the couple. “I will analyze all the evidence collected, conduct an inspection and I believe that the trend would be to file a complaint with the Justice. We are hoping that this can happen as quickly as possible ”, he said. In addition to the problems with Justice, Dr. Jairinho must be impeached for breaking parliamentary decorum in the City Council of Rio de Janeiro. This Tuesday, the rapporteur of the process was chosen, which should be concluded by the end of the first semester of this year.

* With information from reporter Rodrigo Viga