Moods 23 Days Before Election According to Edison Research – What Not to Miss on September 10


Party Ratings – Edison Research Survey Results Published by Formula’s Public Opinion Survey by Edison Research reflects public sentiment about the parties running in the October 2 election. The survey was conducted from 13 August to 5 September. 1500 people over the age of 18 were interviewed face to face. According to the survey, “Which party would you vote for if local self-government elections were held today?” United National Movement – 25%; for Georgia – Giorgi Gakharia – 10%; Labor Party – 6%; Girchi – More Freedom (Zurab Japaridze) – 4%; According to the same poll, this is how the results were distributed when asked who will support those respondents who say they voted for the Georgian Dream in the 2021 local elections. “Dream.” The rest of the respondents were distributed as follows: 11% – for “Georgia” – Giorgi Gakharia; 6% – “United National Movement” 3% – “Labor Party”; 2% – “Girchi – More Freedom” (Zurab Japaridze) 2% – “Patriots” Alliance “1% -” Lelo “; 1% – “For the People” – Ana Dolidze; 7% – Other. Read more. Also see on this topic: 78% fully or partially link Lashkarava’s death to the events of July 5 Started in Kvareli, the attacker at the Bank of Georgia branch has been arrested. The Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a statement stating his name with initials, but RFE / RL learned that the detainee was Shalva Melikishvili, born in 1972. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he has been arrested on charges of attacking the Baki branch, taking a hostage for terrorist purposes and illegally buying-keeping-carrying ammunition. According to the investigation, armed Shalva Melikishvili broke into the Bank of Georgia branch on Chavchavadze Street in Kvareli on September 9 in the afternoon and took 13 people hostage in order to seize a large amount of money. Measures: As a result of negotiations between the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the attacker, Shalva Melikishvili gradually released all the hostages, after which the law enforcers detained him on the spot. No one was injured in the incident. Nika Melia Refuses Amnesty Nika Melia Refuses Amnesty Nika Melia Refuses Amnesty Nika Melia Refuses Amnesty Nika Melia Refuses Amnesty Which was passed by Parliament on September 7 in the third reading and which acquits anyone who agreed to the amnesty of criminal responsibility for the events of June 20. “No consent [არ ექნება] On my part, Bidzina Ivanishvili’s court. I do not ask him for mercy, to apply to me what I have not done … this plea bargain is more … because of me a reservation was made that if Melia does not accept this amnesty law, do not apply to him. “At the same time, the real perpetrators have been released,” said Nika Melia, whose trial was held in the city court yesterday. The adoption of the amnesty law was one of the clauses of the “Charles Michel Agreement”, but in practice the opposition and the government failed to agree on it. Victims and their families on June 20. Read more Today, Shanai Brooke murder suspect will be charged – what else are they accusing him of? Lawyer Sophie O Goglichidze is informed. “I have already read a very small amount of material. As far as I know at this point, neither the motive for the murder nor the involvement of my client in the case file is clear. The accused still exercises his right to remain silent. “Since he has nothing to do with this case, this arrest is absolutely unexpected for him,” the lawyer told RFE / RL. Following the arrest of Rafael Mursakulov, information about another crime allegedly committed by him was spread on Facebook. Facebook user Ani Gagua writes that a few months ago her friend Rafael Mursakulov and another person who was with him were physically assaulted on Mtatsminda. Read more in Nino Tarkhnishvili’s article. “Silknet” includes in the “Alt-Info” network the telecommunication company “Silknet”‘s request of the TV “Alt-Info” of homophobic groups, its broadcasting was included in all packages, it was agreed. Due to the fact that the telecommunications company refused this request to the broadcaster, the issue was considered by the Communications Commission. According to Georgian law, Silknet was obliged to comply with Alt-Info’s request, otherwise it would have been fined permanently until the issue was resolved. Silknet denied Alt-Info on June 8 – the letter stated that they did not have the technical capacity at that stage. “Yesterday we signed an agreement on mandatory enforcement in accordance with the law and the party will confirm it,” said Kakhi Kurashvili, Silknet’s chief lawyer, at the commission meeting. Alt-Info sued Silknet about two months ago for joining the network, but withdrew the complaint on July 29. Read more. “People had paid 20 thousand GEL” – under the new law, drunk drivers will be arrested in 3 months, a law will be enacted, according to which drunk driving will be punished with administrative imprisonment. Penalties for violating traffic rules have been tightened, and fines have been significantly increased. While driving while intoxicated (if this happens again), the driver faces not only a fine but also administrative detention (5-15 days). The initiators of the amendment to the Code of Administrative Offenses of Georgia were MPs Levan Ioseliani and Aleko Elisashvili. Levan Ioseliani says that according to the data of the last twenty years, 460 people have been killed and up to 7,000 injured in car accidents in Georgia, often due to a drunk driver. Read more. New hominid outbreak found in Dmanisi A team of museum researchers has discovered a new outbreak of hominids outside the African continent in Dmanisi municipality, near the village of Kvemo Orozmani, which dates back to 1.77-1.84 million years ago. Along with well-preserved burial animal remains, Dmanisi-like Early Paleolithic (1.77-1.84 million years) artefacts were discovered – stone tools, folds, etc. This discovery provided evidence that in addition to the famous archeological site of Dmanisi, there is another prehistoric site of world importance. Read more. Ankvab and ruined tomograph – what is happening in Abkhazia? There is an economic and energy crisis in the de facto republic of Abkhazia, and the pandemic cannot be effectively managed. The issue of stable water and electricity supply is unresolved; Wages and social benefits cannot be paid on time; Outrageous horrific murders are not being investigated. The local police and judiciary do not hide their connection to the criminal world – even the government of the de facto republic has no plan how to get out of the crisis. Moreover, as an Abkhazian political scientist, Izida Chania, a contributor to Echo Caucasus, says that a significant part of the problems are created by the current government, with the de facto Prime Minister, Alexander Ankvab, being blamed. The supreme government of the de facto republic of Abkhazia is the directly elected president. Aslan Bzhania is considered to be the first person in this occupied region of Georgia since April 23, 2020. However, the aggression of most political and public organizations in Abkhazia, caused by the large-scale crisis, is directed not against the President of the de facto Republic, but against the Prime Minister, Alexander Ankvab. It seems that the scale of the dissatisfaction is so great that it even goes as far as street protests. In any case, the head of the Abkhazian veterans’ organization Arua (Warriors), Timur Gulia, has already called on the people of Abkhazia to prepare for the protests, which are expected to begin in October, when problems escalate. Read more in Jimsher Rekhviashvili’s article. 1. How did you feel when you learned that learning is starting online again? 2. Which do you prefer, online learning or classroom learning? 3. What should adults do to get their children to start school? Find out what children are talking about on these and other issues.