More than 40 journalists have been beaten by radical groups in Tbilisi


Radical groups disrupted the “March of Dignity” in Tbilisi. Several buildings were ransacked, including the Tbilisi Pride and OSCE buildings. One Polish tourist was wounded, one of the minors was beaten, whose clothes turned out to be unacceptable for radical groups.

According to the information available at the moment, more than 40 journalists are injured, several of them are in critical condition. The operator of “TV Pirveli” has a severe injury on his face and he is in the hospital. Diana Trapaidze, the presenter of “TV Pirveli” said that the injured cameraman is undergoing surgery at the moment.

Journalists of almost all media outlets are injured. For now, the list looks like this:

  • Radio Liberty journalist Tornike Mandaria
  • Radio Liberty cameraman Dato Koridze
  • Operator of “Rustavi 2” Shota Sikinchalashvili
  • Alexander Lashkarava, operator of TV Pirveli
  • journalist Tamta Kakhaberidze
  • “Formula” journalist Rati Tsverava
  • Dea Mamiseishvili, journalist of the “Main Channel”
  • Irakli Bakhtadze, journalist of the “Main Channel”
  • Main Channel journalist Nino Gazdeliani
  • Datuna Akhaladze, journalist of the “Main Channel”
  • Anri Jokharidze, journalist of the “Main Channel”
  • Keta Tsitskishvili, journalist of the “Main Channel”
  • Tornike Barnabishvili, journalist of the “Main Channel”
  • “Formula” journalist Guga Dvalishvili
  • “Tabula” journalist Mako Jabua
  • Netgazeti journalist Luka Pertaia
  • Ilia Tvaliashvili, operator of the First Channel
  • Adjara Public Broadcaster journalist Tiko Susareishvili
  • “Palitranius” cameraman Roma Tarughishvili
  • “Gurianius” journalist Merab Tsaava
  • Journalist of “Rustavi 2” Mariam Kumsishvili
  • Journalist of “Rustavi 2” Marika Gotsiridze
  • Giorgi Pertia is a journalist of “Rustavi 2”
  • “Rustavi 2” journalist Salome Bokuchava
  • “Rustavi 2” cameraman Zura Managadze
  • Beka Atabegashvili, operator of “Rustavi 2”
  • Nikoloz Urushadze, cameraman of “Rustavi 2”
  • TV Pirveli journalist Guga Maisuradze
  • Formula journalist Luka Khachidze
  • “Formula” cameraman Nikoloz Kaliashvili
  • Interpressnews photo reporter Giorgi Nikolishvili
  • Imedi journalist Dimitri Krimnishvili
  • Imedi cameraman Shota Kirvalishvili
  • “Formula” journalist Giorgi Gabunia
  • “Formula” cameraman Lekso Khomasuridze
  • Operator of “TV Pirveli” Levan Bregvadze
  • “Formula” photographer Vakho Kareli
  • “Formula” cameraman Zaza Kapanadze
  • Formula cameraman Giorgi Maisashvili
  • “Formula” journalist Nino Vardzelashvili
  • Radio Liberty journalist Tamuna Chkareuli
  • Newpost photographer Zura Tsertsvadze

Protesters abducted Rati Tsverava, a Formula One journalist from the vicinity of Parliament, physically assaulted him, stripped him of his clothes and detained him for several minutes. The journalist was rescued by police, although the attackers have not been arrested yet.