Mourão predicts tight dispute in the House and defends good relationship with candidates – Prime Time Zone


The vice president recognizes that the position of the elected candidate will be essential for the success of the government

Romério Cunha / VPRHamilton Mourão returned to work on Monday, 11, after testing positive for Covid-19

The vice president of the republic, general Hamilton Mourao, provides for a tight race in the election for the presidency of Chamber of Deputies, which take place in February. In his evaluation, it is important that the Planalto Palace maintain a good relationship with all candidates, to avoid any kind of resistance regardless of the result. Mourão recognizes that many matters considered essential by the government are at a standstill in the National Congress and that the position of the person responsible for guiding the discussions in the plenary of the Chamber will be essential for the success of the administration of the president Jair Bolsonaro. Anyway, he recalls that the two main candidates, the deputies Arthur Lira e Rossi Whale, have positioned themselves most often with the government. “I think that any chance the government has to have a good connection, a good connection with the Chamber and the Senate, in order to be able to approve what is necessary for the country to move forward. In my view, the two candidates, if you are going to analyze, in more than 90% of the cases, voted with the government. ”

Hamilton Mourão returned to work on Monday, 11, after having tested positive for Covid-19 on December 27th. According to him, it was three days of what he called ‘heavier symptoms’ – which with the prescribed medication, which includes hydroxychloroquine, were soon overcome. Unlike President Jair Bolsonaro, Mourão states that, despite having antibodies in the body, is in line to take the vaccine against coronavirus. “I think the vaccine is for the country as a whole, it is a collective issue, it is not an individual one. The individual here is subordinate to the collective, in this case ”, he said. Mourão also said that he followed the news during the isolation and guaranteed that the vaccination campaign it will not be hampered by lack of inputs. He ensured that the Ministry of Health he has been preparing for the situation for some time and recalled that the states already have the necessary material to start the population’s immunization. In addition, according to the vice president, the federal government can order syringes and needles to supplement what is needed.

* With information from reporter Antônio Maldonado