Negative attitudes towards China are on the rise


The world has a negative attitude towards China, says a study prepared by the American organization “Pium”. Researchers surveyed 17 countries with advanced economies and surveyed thousands of people. The survey found that the level of trust in the Chinese leader, Xin Jinping, is also at an all-time low.

Half or more of citizens surveyed in Australia, France, Sweden and Canada say they do not have the slightest confidence in the Chinese leader. However, the same study shows that Europeans have a more generous attitude towards China than countries in Asia and the Pacific.

According to the study, Singapore and New Zealand have a much greater interest in deepening economic and trade relations with the United States than with China.

While confidence in China is declining, so is positive attitude toward the United States. Unlike last year, a large proportion of respondents rated the role of America more positively. This change in the survey is especially evident when the people in the survey evaluate the plans of current and former American presidents. If President Trump’s plan had a low level of confidence, a large portion of the population of the new 17 countries would view Biden’s plan much more positively. Moreover, they believe that the steps taken by Joe Biden will help the world fight the pandemic.

According to the survey, the majority of respondents say that China does not respect human rights and restricts the freedom of its own people.