Nelson Teich defends union between governments to fight Covid-19 – Young Pan


According to the former minister, Brazil needs national planning to contain the transmission of the coronavirus

Alan Santos / PRThe former minister recalls that the countries with the most success in fighting the coronavirus have controlled the transmission of the coronavirus

The former Minister of Health, Nelson Pond, reinforces the lack of control of Covid-19 and says that the country has never needed the union of all spheres of government so much. “We have never needed, in the health system, such an integrated work between municipalities, states and the federal government. This ability to work together, with everyone looking in the same direction, to have national planning ”, he said. He assesses that no one knows where the disease may reach in the country. “If you compare, for example, what happened, the number of deaths in the UK comparing populations, the number of people who can die is much higher, three, four thousand people. It is important that we do not even know where this can go, or when it will end. ”

Nelson Teich highlights the impacts on the behavior of the economy. “You close the night, closing the weekend, certainly, you will bring some benefit. But I have to understand exactly what time I have the highest transmission. If this major transmission is from Monday to Friday during the day, no matter how much it has an impact by making a change at night and on the weekend, I will not be able to change the natural history of the disease, I will not be able to change what is happening. We have to have information about the variants, how they are evolving, how they evolve in Brazil, how they spread, how sensitive they are to vaccines, the previous infection ”, said the doctor, who had a lightning strike in the government of Jair Bolsonaro. The former minister recalls that the countries with the most success in combating coronavirus controlled the transmission, which involves since the tests, quarantine and changing people’s behavior, while vaccination does not reach the vast majority of the population.

* With information from reporter Marcelo Mattos