New antenna will allow real-time monitoring of the Amazon – Prime Time Zone


Currently, sending images depends on foreign suppliers and can take weeks; according to vice president Hamilton Mourão, the new satellite will allow coverage of the entire Brazilian territory

REUTERS/Bruno KellyEquipment, which cost 5.8 million dollars, will be fully financed with resources from the Amazon Fund

O federal government will inaugurate an antenna in Formosa, in the State of Goiás, which will enable the monitoring of environmental crimes In real time. The equipment is part of a project that aims to reduce deforestation in the Amazon, with monitoring of illegal actions and facilitating access for inspection bodies. The general director of the Management and Operational Center for the Amazon Protection System (Censipam), Rafael Costa, explains that the expectation is that the results will be immediate. The Vice President of the Republic, Hamilton Mourao, which coordinates the Amazon Council, also points out that the new equipment will be extremely useful. “Coverage will increase. Today, the satellite sends images to an antenna, we only have one antenna that captures the images coming from the satellites. This other antenna will allow the entire Brazilian territory to be properly covered.”

Current contracts depend on foreign suppliers who take days or weeks to pass on the satellite images, since this material must be downloaded, processed and then passed on to the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), which is responsible for monitoring. From this new antenna, data can be accessed in minutes and a second antenna will be placed about 40 kilometers from Manaus, which should guarantee the monitoring of the entire territory. The equipment, which cost 5.8 million dollars, will be fully financed with resources from the Amazon Fund and will end up benefiting other areas of the country as well, points out Rafael Costa. “As a consequence of this, we expect a positive result in the issue of fires, because reducing the logging you decrease the burned in the region. It is also new equipment that will be available for the meteorological issue.”

*With information from reporter Luciana Verdolin