New barbed wire in the vicinity of Atos and Okon


The barbed wire is installed in the direction from the atom to the ocean and its length is about half a kilometer. On the perimeter of the fences there are also fire pits. Atocels say the occupying forces have appeared near the village for the past week and have not stopped working. Locals can no longer go to the plots near the barbed wire because the Russian border guards are constantly patrolling there and the danger of their capture is great. Villager Giuli Karapetov no longer goes to his own plot because this area is near the occupation line.

“I am not going there anymore so that they do not take us. The danger is great. Part of the plots has already been seized. I had one plot on the Okona side and it is already occupied. I have already lost about two hectares and I can not cultivate what I have left. There have been cases where they have moved and taken our villagers, so we avoid going there. The goods also moved and we lost. “People are scared, we are even forbidden to approach 200 meters from the barbed wire.”

In Atos, members of the anti-occupation movement also saw the poles that the representatives of the occupation forces take to different villages and install in the plots belonging to the population. Atozi became the place where these poles were made. They collect here and then take them to Ghogheti, Tamarasheni, Takhtisdziri and Dirbi. Davit Katsarava, the leader of the anti-occupation movement, says that the new fences in the direction of Kvemo Okona-Atotsi are brand new.

“We have discovered new barbed wire near Kvemo Okona, which is about three hundred meters. New poles were installed there first and then barbed wire was laid. It is unfortunate that the occupants are able to carry out this work in the comfort zone and no one is interfering with them. “Again, activists and journalists have to find and disseminate this information, but the government is not doing anything.”

Recently renewed in Kareli and Kaspi municipalities, the so-called A special statement on borderization was issued by the State Security Service. The statement said that the EUMM hotline is activated in each case.

According to SUS, the illegal so-called The Russian Federation bears full responsibility for the borderization process, as well as for other illegal activities in the occupied territories.

“Illegal e. წ. The borderization process is the result of occupation. Its first signs were observed in 2009, and since 2011 the illegal process has been actively underway. The length of the occupation line in the direction of occupied Abkhazia is about 149 km, and in the direction of the occupied Tskhinvali region is more than 350 km. Representatives of the Russian occupation regime in both directions, on different sections of the occupation line, periodically carry out illegal so-called Borderization. Each illegal activity is identified by the State Security Service. The so-called A hotline is activated for each case of borderization and information is provided to the EUMM. “Cases like this are high on the agenda of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism meetings as well as the Geneva International Discussions.”, – says SUS.

According to the statement, in 2020 the central government of Georgia will launch an illegal so-called Several dozen cases of borderization have been identified.

“Together with international partners, each of them was discussed in detail within the existing mechanisms. The Russian Federation bears full responsibility for other illegal activities. “, – we read in the statement.

In the first 4 months of 2021, the Russian occupation forces are working intensively in the villages of Kareli and Kaspi municipalities.

Despite the fact that the representatives of the Georgian government The borderization process was also protested at a meeting in Ergneti on April 27. Their protest was unsuccessful and tens of hectares of land were lost again due to the creeping occupation.