New York tightens restrictions and enforces vaccine for restaurants


Eat out or go to the movies in Nova York just gained new rules, even with advanced vaccination.

The city announced that it will require a negative covid-19 test or proof of vaccination for everyone who wants to eat in restaurants, exercise indoors or attend cultural spaces such as cinema or theater.

The measure comes in line with the increase in cases of the Delta variant, which worries the United States. The number of new cases in New York City rose more than five times in July, with the moving average for the past seven days surpassing 900 cases a day.

New York becomes like this the first major city in the United States to require vaccination to attend establishments, following countries like France and Italy.

The rule goes into effect on August 16th, but the actual inspection only starts in September, after a transition period and when a new school year will start in schools.

“It’s time for people to see vaccination as literally necessary to live a good, full and healthy life,” Mayor Bill de Blasio told a news conference.

The mayor said that “not everyone will agree with us”, but that the city aims to protect as many people as possible.

The plan includes the creation of a vaccination passport, the “Key to NYC Pass” (the “key to NYC”), to be presented by vaccinated persons in establishments.