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No agreement reached – what not to miss on March 31st


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Neither side accepted the compromise document – details briefly

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After 7 hours of continuous negotiations, Christian Danielson, the Personal Representative of the President of the Council of Europe, again came to the rostrum without an agreement. He said that the document proposed by the European partners to the opposition and the government was not accepted by either side.

“Today I have completed my second mediation mission in Georgia as President Michelle’s personal representative. There is a solution to this crisis. It is a decision that involves very important electoral and justice systems, it is a decision that involves the redistribution of power especially in Parliament and also a decision that would end the ongoing debate on politicized court cases and early elections and it is a decision that requires political courage and I I have submitted such a proposal and it will be a public document now. “This is a decision that puts the interests of the country above all other issues, and it is unfortunate that no political party has made that decision.”, – said Christian Danielson.

What offer on the Ido table?

Upon completion of the negotiations, the EU Delegation to Georgia published the text of the offer:

  1. Responding to issues perceived as politicized justice – this clause obliges the parties, within one week of signing, to initiate an amnesty law that addresses all violations and arrests related to the June 19-21, 2019 protests.
  2. Ambitious Electoral Reform – This clause stated that the forthcoming parliamentary elections would be fully proportionate. For the next two parliamentary elections, the threshold was raised from natural to 2%. This part included the rules of staffing the election administration and the commission and the observance of the following proportions in the local elections: “4/1 proportion of proportional and majoritarian mandates in the five big cities and 2/1 proportion in all the others. 2.5% threshold in Tbilisi, 3% threshold everywhere outside Tbilisi. “
  3. Rule of Law / Judicial Reform – This paragraph emphasized the need for multi-party involvement. “As a sign of taking the first step towards large-scale, inclusive and multi-party reforms, parliament must approve ambitious judicial reform,” the document reads. This included ensuring greater transparency in the appointment of judges, taking into account the recommendations of the Venice Commission, suspending all ongoing appointments in the Supreme Court and re-accepting applications.
  4. Distribution of power in parliament – this section described the redistribution of power between parties in parliament. Members of the opposition parties were to chair five committees: Procedural, Human Rights, Legal, Budget, and Foreign Affairs.
  5. The upcoming elections – this turned out to be the most acute issue for the opposition. “The parties acknowledge that they have different views on the 2020 elections and agree on parliamentary mandates and participation in the forthcoming elections, which will be based on the electoral reform set forth in this document, in the interests of Georgia’s political stability and implementation of this agreement,” the statement said.

Position of the parties

Irakli Kobakhidze, the leader of the Georgian Dream party who left the talks, said that the opposition could not compromise.

“Everything is clear today, the opposition has not presented any evidence that the election was rigged. Instead, we have presented evidence that the PVT was forged by the radical opposition. We offered all means of verification, including recounting, still during the second round, we proposed political debates, the creation of a temporary commission of inquiry, and so on. They gave up everything and why? Because their 11,000 party commission members signed the protocols, which they later criticized themselves. Everything is as clear as today. The election was not rigged, which is also confirmed by the conclusions of all relevant international institutions. In connection with the extraordinary elections, neither directly nor indirectly “, – said Kobakhidze. He added that the door to parliament remains open for “constructive opposition parties”.

Salome Samadashvili, a representative of the United National Movement, said after the mediation that the country had lost a historic chance. He clarified the issues on which the opposition had its own vision:

“We had a chance to reach an agreement today on all points of the Charles Michel plan. All three opposition parties agreed on three of these five points. There were two issues, political prisoners and elections, on which we proposed a number of possible compromise options. For example I can tell you one of our suggestions about how we see the political future in the country. You know we could not agree on an assessment of what happened in our country in the October elections last year, but we could have agreed on a new constitutional model. “One of our suggestions was to raise the issue of a new constitution and early elections on the basis of a new constitution.”, – said Salome Samadashvili.

According to him, the proposal for amnesty, which was presented in the draft agreement, should have affected both political prisoners, namely Nika Melia and Giorgi Rurua.

“Georgian Dream was not ready, including to sign the clauses, which would be completely acceptable to us as part of the agreement”, – said Salome Samadashvili.

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Epidemiological situation in Georgia and vaccination

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The epidemiological situation in Georgia is deteriorating again – said the head of the Center for Disease Control Amiran Gamkrelidze. 673 new cases of coronavirus were detected in Georgia in the last 24 hours.

According to Amiran Gamkrelidze, Georgia had a similar situation at the end of September and the beginning of October, which was followed by the so-called coronavirus cases at the end of October. Exponential growth.

According to Gamkrelidze, if the control over the wearing of the veil, the protection of social distance and gatherings are not tightened, the country will repeat the same thing that happened in August.

Vaccination is underway in the country amid increased cases. Mass vaccination is expected to start in July. Prior to that, Georgia received a contract for another vaccine, Novovax. This is an American manufacturer of the vaccine. Read more about the Novovac vaccine.

In addition, according to the Minister of Health of Georgia Ekaterine Tikaradze, at the end of the week Georgia is also waiting for a vaccine from China, which, according to her, is recognized by the strict regulator of Hungary.

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GEL continues to depreciate – today 1 USD is 3.41 GEL

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The National Bank of Georgia has published the official GEL exchange rate. The national currency has depreciated further. The official GEL exchange rate on March 31 is as follows:

  • 1 USD – 3.41 GEL (March 30 – 3.3846 GEL)
  • 1 Euro – 4.0044 GEL (March 30 – 3.9840 GEL)
  • 1 British pound sterling – 4.6929 GEL (March 30 – 4.6806 GEL)
  • 100 Russian rubles – 4.4926 GEL (March 30 – 4.4519 GEL)
  • 1 Turkish Lira – 0.4064 GEL (March 30 – 0.4144 GEL)
  • 10 Ukrainian hryvnia – 1.2237 GEL (March 30 – 1.2092 GEL)

On March 30, the exchange rate of GEL on Bloomberg was: 1 USD – 3.4224 GEL.

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NATO planes fly in the sky ten times due to Russia’s “unusual level of air operations”

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According to NATO, its planes flew ten times in the sky, he said, because of Russia’s unusual air operations.

“Alliance planes took to the skies on March 29” to track down Russian bombers and fighter jets as they flew over the North Atlantic, North Sea, Black Sea and Baltic Sea. “ – It is said in the NATO statement, which was published on March 30.

Norwegian F-16s hijacked two Russian Tu-95 bombers, which continued to fly south over the North Sea, prompting British and Belgian Typhoons and F-16s to take to the skies.

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Threats, gossip, excommunication, gossip, blackmail – Tensions are rising in Chkondidi Diocese

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Bishop Stephen, after becoming high priest of Chkondidi, issued four orders and held two congregations. Three of the 4 commandments are decrees to punish the clergy whom Stephen considers to be supporters of his predecessor, Reverend Peter.

By one of the four orders, the clergy warned that they would be punished for disobedience. This promise was fulfilled by Reverend Stephen.

Both congregations in the Chkondidi Diocese ended in Akalmakali – the first congregation was held by Reverend Stephen with the monks, the second with the nuns. If during the first meeting the cameras of the journalists were standing near the residence of the diocese, at the meeting with the nuns on March 29, the bishop himself put the camera in the meeting room, made a two-hour recording, and distributed it himself. At this meeting, the bishop repeatedly insults the headmistress of one of the monasteries, while the other nuns do not answer questions.

What is the cause of the conflict in Chkondidi Diocese and whether the existing problems will be solved by chanting – Read more in Nastasia Arabuli article.

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Tina Khidasheli was supported by people of different political tastes in the fight against Kovid, including her opponents. Today she remembers the hardest days spent in the hospital and thanks, first and foremost, the medical staff who, she says, are doing the hardest work.



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