Nobody hits dozens and the Mega-Sena prize accumulates at R$29 million; check the numbers – Young Pan


Next draw will take place on Saturday 2nd and will be the third this week; 39 people hit the corner

Marcello Casal Jr./ Agência BrasilNo one got the six dozen right in this Thursday’s mega-sena draw

Nobody hit the six dozen drawn by the mega-sena this Thursday, 30. The numbers that came out in the draw 2,414, held at the Tietê bus terminal, in São Paulo, were: 04 – 05 – 06 – 14 – 29 – 38. The corner had 39 winning bets and each one will receive R$47,324.83; on the other hand, the court had 3,415 winners and each one will take R$ 772.08. The grand prize accumulated for next Saturday, 2nd, when the next draw will take place (number 2,415), and the biggest prize is estimated at R$29 million, to be paid to a single winner or divided into equal parts, if there are more on one. While mega-sena draws traditionally take place on Wednesdays, this week has exceptionally had three – the first was on Tuesday as part of the “Spring Mega Week” series.