Nodding to the Centrão, the government dismembers the economic team and recreates the Ministry of Labor – Prime Time Zone


Auxiliaries consider the folder an ‘appendix’ and do not see the movement as a sign of discredit to Minister Paulo Guedes

Marcelo Casal Jr./Agência Brasil Ministry of Economy was created in 2018 with the unification of other portfolios

O federal government prepares the dismemberment of part of the Ministry of Economy to recreate the Work and Pensions folder. According to information confirmed to Young pan by members of the economic team, the move will be made as a nod to the Centrão to accommodate the current head of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, Onyx Lorenzoni (DEM), which leaves the paste for the input of Luiz Eduardo Ramos, responsible for the Civil House. The general, in turn, will be replaced by the senator Ciro Walnut (PP-PI). The negotiations are part of the ministerial reform announced by the president Jair Bolsonaro (no party) this Wednesday morning, 21, and that should be made official next Monday, 26.

The team led by Paulo Guedes was created with the air of a “superministry” by adding the Finance, Planning, Industry, Foreign Trade and Services portfolios. According to members of the economic team, the Social Security and Work portfolio, currently headed by Special Secretary Bruno Bianco Leal, is considered an “appendix” and is not seen as essential. The dismemberment was not considered a sign of discredit to Minister Guedes. The economic team believes that the core of the ministry — Finance, Planning, Industry and Commerce — will remain intact. According to the information, parties of the Centrão had already invested against these folders, but the attempts were rejected and their delivery is out of the question.

The president said on Wednesday that he will carry out a ministerial reform next Monday. In an interview with Young Pan News Itapetininga, Bolsonaro informed that, after his discharge from the Vila Nova Star hospital, he is focused on making “small” changes in the command of the folders. “We are even working on a small ministerial change, which should take place on Monday, to be more precise, for us to continue administering Brazil here,” the president announced during an interview. Bolsonaro again defended that his entire government was formed by technical criteria, without nominations by parties.