North Korea accuses United States of carrying out ‘hostile’ diplomacy – Young Pan


Kim Jong-Un’s government said Joe Biden made a “big mistake” in calling his nuclear arsenal a threat last week; South Korea was also threatened

EFE / EPA / KCNADonald Trump and Barack Obama have not been successful in their attempts to negotiate the closure of North Korea’s nuclear facilities

A North Korea said on Sunday, 2, that the president of the USA made a “big mistake” in calling its nuclear arsenal a threat last week and warned that the US government would face a “very serious situation” if it maintained its negative stance. The statement was made by a Foreign Ministry official, Kwon Jong-gun, who argued that the words of Joe Biden “Clearly reflect their intention to continue to apply a hostile policy to North Korea.” “We will be forced to press for corresponding measures,” he added. Last Wednesday, the 27th, the American president mentioned in his first speech to the National Congress that the nuclear programs of North Korea and the Will they represented “serious threats to US and world security” and that his government with this situation “through diplomacy, as well as through strong deterrence”.

In 2019, direct negotiations between the former president Donald Trump and the leader Kim Jong-Un ended without any agreement on the end of nuclear facilities in North Korea or the easing of sanctions imposed by the United States. Before that, the government of Barack Obama he approached the topic with a strategic patience that also did not produce results. Joe Biden’s idea is to adopt an intermediate strategy between these two poles, according to a spokeswoman for the White House, Jen Psaki. She said last Friday, 30, that the government will seek a “calibrated and practical approach” that will explore diplomacy and try to “make practical progress that increases security” in the United States. For Kwon Jong-gun, however, all of this is nothing more than a “false sign to cover up hostile acts”.

South Korea

North Korea also made threats to South Korea on Sunday, 2. The sister of leader Kim Jong-Un, Kim Yo-Jong, criticized the fact that the neighboring country did not prevent a group of activists from using balloons to send leaflets of propaganda across the border of the two nations. These launches are often used by North Korean defectors to campaign against the country’s regime and the leader of one of these groups, Park Sang-hak, admitted that he used ten balloons to spread half a million leaflets last Friday, 30. South Korea has banned this type of action by endangering its citizens living in the border region by unnecessarily provoking the Kim Jong-Un government. Her sister called the defectors “human waste”, characterized the launch as “a serious provocation” and warned that North Korea would seek “corresponding action”.