Not one .. not two .. 414 traffic violations in one go .. Traffic police fined over Rs 48 lakh – Woman racks up traffic fines of Dh247,000 with 414 offenses


Traffic‌ violations are violated by many. There are also penalties and punishments for that. Here are not one but two traffic police for a woman who committed 414 traffic violations.

Traffic Fines

Traffic‌ violations are violated by many. There are also penalties and punishments for that. Here, not one, not two, but 414 traffic offenders were fined heavily by the traffic police. However it would be a mistake to think so in our country. In Dubai. She was recently arrested by Ajman Traffic Police for hundreds of traffic violations. There are hundreds of violations on her car .. It is noteworthy that for three years she escaped from the police. The woman was fined Rs 2.47 lakh (approximately Rs 48.78 lakh in Indian currency) for the offenses. 414 violations in three years, four per week, she said, violating traffic rules. Police said the car would be auctioned off if the woman did not pay the amount.

Maj. However, Rashid said fines exceeding 80 kmph in areas where speeding is prohibited would result in a fine of 3,000 dirhams, 23 block points and 60 days’ seizure of the vehicle. It was also clarified that if the vehicle travels at a speed exceeding 60 kmph, it will be fined Rs 2,000 and the vehicle will be seized for 30 days along with 12 block points.

However, in our country, however, how many times do not commit traffic violations .. bad ears. As the number of traffic violators in our country is increasing, the Central Government is also imposing strict sanctions. Tough decisions are being made on traffic violations. Heavy fines are levied without a helmet, license, or other documents. Those caught on Drunken Drive face fines as well as jail time. However, some are getting into trouble for not changing their ways.

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