One of the biggest sites about covid-19 in Australia is run by teenagers


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Jack, Wesley and Darcy received the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine this week

Taking advantage of the moment when they started to integrate the statistics that they themselves make available to the Australian population on a daily basis, the group of three young people revealed their identity to the surprise of many of their followers. The good work done has guaranteed them job offers, on a part-time basis, of course.

in the face of the avalanche of Dice that the pandemic of covid-19 introduced into the everyday life of ordinary citizens — such as new cases, hospitalizations, deaths, the transmissibility index, or the Ro, among others — it has become a frequent practice, in the context of each country, to create websites or accounts on social networks that the compilassem e presented to the population in a readable format. In Portugal, the Vost Portugal account (Association of Digital Volunteers in Emergency Situations) has been an example of these initiatives — despite its scope going beyond the pandemic.

this week, a Australian page n –hi news because its founders, who have kept their anonymous identity since the beginning of the pandemic, reveal that they are, after all, a group of three teenagers aged between 14 and 15 years old. The information was disclosed by themselves, regarding the taking of the first dose of vaccine, when they took the opportunity to pose for a photograph together — which was later disclosed on the website and in the official accounts of the initiative, entitled CovidbaseAU —, as they finally became part of the statistics they published daily.

In an interview with ABC TV, the group, which started the project in February this year, stated that the idea came up “just for fun” with the three nurturing a special interest in areas such as programming and media. “Being very interested in data, we decided to take what we’ve been doing over the past few years and create something from there. We spend a lot of time trying to make our platforms the more understandable possible”, explained Jack, one of the members of the group.

One of the problems with the official Australian data system is that there are six state and territorial entities to disseminate information, together with the federal government, often with different formats and published on different websites — which made it difficult for the population to understand. With the work done by the group of friends, everything became accessible on a single platform and with a format homogenized.

Over the past few months, with the vaccination process accelerating in the country, the page managed to conquer more than 25 thousand followers and it is frequently cited by the Australian media — which use the data compiled there to elucidate the population on the evolution of the pandemic situation.

At first glance, it appears to be the work of big responsibility and that requires a lot weather, especially for a group of adolescents who have to reconcile the collection and processing of data with the studies, as the three elements are naturally of school age. Management becomes easier given the current situation of lockdown that Australia is experiencing, with outbound trips being reduced to the essential.

“Right now, we’re in Melbourne and we’re in confinement, so we have more time to get things done more freely. We managed to do our homework, don’t worry, but it’s a bit of an act of juggling, explained Jack.

In addition to the confinement situation, another aspect that seems to help young people is the organized task distribution among the three, according to the areas that most appeal to each of the elements: Jack is responsible for the Dice, Darcy is the programmer and Wesley is what you might call a all-rounder, that is, a does everything, as it is about keeping up-to-date on all the relevant news that are disseminated, producing infographics and emojis, as The Guardian explains.

User reaction to the disclosure was positive, with many congratulating the group for the initiative. The publication that made known the identity and age of the site’s founders received more than 16 thousand likes in 24 hours, but also job offers in part-time at the Burnet Institute’s health department.

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