Only 24% of schools in the state network of SP will be able to receive all students at the same time – Prime Time Zone


According to the Department of Education, only 1,275 units are able to receive 100% of students at the same time respecting measures of social distancing

DANIEL RESENDE/FRAME/ESTADÃO CONTENTSchools should adopt prevention measures against Covid-19, such as distance between desks, and the use of masks and gel alcohol

After months of remote activities due to the pandemic of Covid-19, as face-to-face classrooms will be resumed for all students in the state network of the State of São Paulo next Monday, 14. According to determinations of the State government, all students, except those who belong to risk groups or have a medical certificate, must attend classes, following safety protocols, such as distance between chairs, use of alcohol gel and masks. However, only 24% State schools will be able to receive all students following the measures. The information was confirmed by Young pan next to State Department of Education. According to the folder, only 1.251 the 5.130 schools in the state network are physically able to adopt distance with all students attending classes in person.

The secretariat clarified that schools that are not able to receive 100% of students must adopt the rotation scheme until the day when the distance between the subjects will no longer be required. “As of November 3, there will no longer be a need for this protocol and, with this, the mandatory return will be daily for all students,” said the Secretariat in a note. The folder also informed that students who do not attend class on the days they were scheduled will be absent and that those who were not scheduled will have access to content presented in the classroom through the Media Center, which will remain active until the end of 2021 Finally, the secretariat stated that the municipalities that have their own education councils “have the autonomy to follow or not the orientation”.