PAK PM: Learn from China … Ideal with Macken for their progress .. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan … – imran khan


“If you want to learn from any country in the world, you have to learn from China alone. Their development policy is very much in line with Pakistan,” said Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He said China needs to learn from the progress it has made over the past three decades. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan made this clear at a meeting in Islamabad.


The Pakistani prime minister praised Beijing for proving that poverty alleviation is real development. He said China was creating wealth with strategies such as industrial growth, special export zones and attracting foreign investment. He was of the opinion that the money was being used to eradicate poverty there. Imran Khan announced that special economic zones would be set up in Pakistan to attract Chinese companies and from there exports to Pakistan. He said the current year will focus on industrial development in the country. Imran Khan believes that Pakistan will face many challenges in 2020 due to the corona.


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