Paraguay announces partnership with Brazil in the fight against border crime – Prime Time Zone


Governments will set up command to investigate last weekend’s murders; cause may be linked to drug trafficking

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the government of Paraguay announced on Tuesday, 12, that a command will soon be created that will include police from the country and the Brazil to intensify the fight against the organized crime on the border, after the murders of four people on the Paraguayan side last Saturday, one of them the daughter of the governor of the department of Amambay. Paraguayan Interior Minister Arnaldo Giuzzio told a news conference that the partnership, debated for months with the Brazilian Federal Police, will focus on the border region between Ponta Porã, in the Mato Grosso do Sul, and Pedro Juan Caballero, the Paraguayan city where the four executions were committed. The formation and logistics of this command were not revealed by Giuzzio in the interview. “We are aiming for an immediate outreach plan” and “proposals to establish strategies with a longer duration”, said the minister.

“In reality, today the problem of transnational organized crime is at the border. And the rebound effect is already being seen in the interior of our country”, he added. Among other hypotheses, the Paraguayan police are working on the possibility that murders last Saturday in Pedro Juan Caballero, capital of Amambay, were committed by drug traffickers. The attack killed a Paraguayan man, 32-year-old Omar Vicente Álvarez Grance, identified by local authorities as the real target of the criminals, and three other people, including 21-year-old Haylee Carolina Acevedo Yunis, daughter of the governor of Amambay. According to local police, the victims were shot after leaving a nightclub early in the morning.

*With information from EFE