Pazuello negotiated CoronaVac with intermediary for triple the price, shows video – Prime Time Zone


Images of a meeting between former Health Minister and the company Wolrd Brands were reportedly recorded three days before Pazuello left his post in the portfolio

Edilson Rodrigues/Senate Agency – 05/19/2021Video shows the end of the ex-minister’s meeting with the company

The former Minister of Health, Eduardo Pazuello, received intermediates that offered doses of the Chinese vaccine at the headquarters of the folder CoronaVac at triple the price offered by Butantan Institute. The meeting took place on March 11, four days before the minister left office. The meeting puts the former minister in contradiction, as he told the CPI to Covid in the Senate that did not directly negotiate the purchase of vaccines. The statement was made as a kind of justification for not having responded to e-mails from pharmaceutical Pfizer, which has tried several times to close contracts for the supply of vaccines with the Brazilian government. A video, which is in the possession of the CPI member senators, recorded the final moments of the meeting. In the recording, Pazuello confirms that he received an offer to purchase 30 million doses of CoronaVac and cites a “memorandum of understanding” that, according to him, had already been signed, in addition to the ministry’s commitment to carry out the negotiation.

In the images, the active general appears alongside four people who would represent World Brands, a company from Santa Catarina that deals with foreign trade. “We left here today with the memorandum of understanding signed and with the Ministry’s commitment to sign a contract as soon as possible so that we can receive these 30 million doses as quickly as possible, to serve our population and manage to control the pandemic that is so serious in our country”, says the minister on video. The issue is that in the Federal Government contract with Butantan, the doses were US$ 10 each (about R$ 51). In the hands of intermediaries received by Pazuello, the price would be US$ 28 per dose (more than R$ 140). The meeting was held in the office of the then executive secretary of the ministry, retired colonel Élcio Franco, who now holds a position in the Civil House and dispatches from the third floor of the Palácio do Planalto, a place occupied by the closest advisors to the president of the Republic.

*With information from the reporter Antônio Maldonado