PEC that allows voting for young people on military enlistment advances in the Chamber – Prime Time Zone


Federal deputy Colonel Chrisóstomo’s proposal was unanimously approved by the Constitution and Justice Committee this Wednesday

Cleia Viana/Chamber of DeputiesChamber will set up a Special Committee to analyze the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution

A Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) yes Chamber of Deputies approved on Wednesday, 8, a proposal that amends the Constitution and authorizes young people in military enlistment to vote in elections. A PEC is needed, a Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC) to make changes to the Constitution. If approved in plenary, the new rule will also affect doctors and professionals from other careers who postpone joining the compulsory military service to complete university. The author of the article, Deputy Colonel Chrisóstomo (PSL), makes a mockery of the current rule. “At 16, he goes there and votes. When he turns 18, the Constitution says: ‘you now he doesn’t vote anymore’”, he affirmed.

Deputy Colonel Chrisóstomo’s PEC had the support of all parties in the CCJ and was unanimously approved. The assessment is that the ban on voting for these groups is a holdover from the dictatorship. Rep. Lucas Redecker (PSDB) says the restriction is meaningless. “In Brazil, we have some circumstances and people who are incarcerated can vote. I don’t understand why people doing compulsory military service don’t can vote”, said the congressman. He considers that anyone over 16 years old should have the right to vote in Brazil. Now, the Chamber is going to set up a Special Commission to analyze the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution.

*With information from reporter Vitor Brown